New Headshots by Clayton Jones

So fun shooting with Laura Burke Photography.  If you're an actor get to LA shoot with this cooky awesome lady!  

Little Arrow Family Voice Over by Clayton Jones

So excited to share Little Arrow Family's newest video that I got to do Voice Over work on for the characters of Jack the Squirrel and Owen the Moose.  Such a great youtube channel that is making great content for kids that won't make their parents want to blow their brains out.  Check out their channel and please share with your friends who have young kids!  They've got lots of great original songs with the cutest animation! 

HERE I AM by Clayton Jones

 So pumped to finally announce that I booked a supporting role in an awesome Indie Film called Here I Am.  The movie stars music legend and Grammy Award Winner Shelby Lynne, (who called me the cutest thing ever...aww shucks).  The film was Written & Directed by Cynthia Mort (Rosanne,  The Brave One w/Jodie Foster, Nina, Will and Grace, Tell Me You Love Me), produced by Comedian/Actor Mike Epps, and filmed (my scene at least) in the iconic Capitol Records, Studio A, studio of choice for Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Paul McCartney and Burt Bacharach who I bumped into in the bathroom!  Amazing experience and can't wait until it's released.  Check out some of the Music from the Film.  Follow on InstagramTwitter and give it a like on Facebook. Below is a picture of me on set in Frank Sinatra's chair and with Nat King Cole's piano.

LA by Clayton Jones

My wife, Keeley and I, are making the cross country trek to sunny California.  We will start the new year on the West Coast!  Here we come!